Creative Director, Johannes Leonardo.

Volkswagen launched the new Arteon fastback sedan when sales of sedans were declining, because drivers are choosing SUV’s – but not because of how they drive, but because of how they make us feel big and empowered. So we flipped the notion of looking up in awe, to looking down on it.

This is the agency’s first work for the brand. With creatives Lincoln, Gautier and Harry.


We championed the forgotten stick shift in the launch of the Jetta GLI, with a story about the benefit of stopping.



Arnold Worldwide. Executive Creative Director.

A new global positioning for Hershey's. Leveraging a real insight this was the brands first work that received successful in-market results –15 million views on Hershey's Facebook alone and thousands of comments.


D&AD Pencil. AICP Winner Performance / Dialogue. AICP finalist Web Film. AICP finalist in Brand Content. 




Anomaly New York, Creative Director. 

For the release of the classic Weapon Sneaker we wrote metaphors as our rally cry.

AICP award winner. 



A mobile studio that made real time OOH.

Our Converse Cons van was fitted with a print studio inside that enabled us to stop and photograph real people on the street, print their images as posters, then put them up as wheat pastings right where they were photographed.



The mobile studio kicked off the larger paid media OOH campaign across the country.



American Eagle

Translation, Group Creative Director.


Keith Haring couldn’t draw. Lou Reed couldn’t sing too good; Kanye definitely can’t. And Bukowski couldn’t spell. Being original is about expression, not perfection. It’s about being different. Like the freckles on your face that look like chocolate chips, your ears that stick out like a VW with it’s doors open, and your ability to always sing the wrong words, “I just met you, this is Tracy…???”. 

With John, Ben, Betsy, Marc, Jay and Schuyler.




Anomaly New York, Creative Director. 

There's no problem being a problem. Nothing wrong with being wrong. It all starts with a problem. When it get's in your face, bad forces great, and only problems get answers.




Anomaly New York, Creative Director. 

The earned media potential for viral content made me rethink traditional product films, so instead I enlisted Animation Domination High-Def to make these shareable gifs for Converse's social channels.




Anomaly New York, Creative Director. 


Loaded with symbolism, flags a symbol of purpose. 

Concept art.






We used the flags without copy and other branding. Wave it or wear it, we asked everyone to use the flag however they wanted.





Arnold Worldwide, Executive Creative Director.

From tv, social to live experiences we used the classic buddy-cop genre and told the stories officer Nuts and Chocolate, and their sidekick Pretzel the canine.  



Teaser film.

Social gifs


Nike +

Anomaly New York, Creative Director. 


Taking imagery from the public who participated in the Nike+ events throughtout New York to make subway posters. Each poster would feature different participants, with no two posters being the same.

Concept art.



This is an evolving OOH where new images of participants were added to the wall daily. Day one features Lebron only, but over the duration of the campaign, the wall became populated with wheat pastings of those who participated in the Nike + events.

Before and after OOH.




Weiden + Kennedy, Amsterdam.

Online the newspaper page is a website where search results on any topic would replace the type in the design. Search World Cup 2014 and the results would be scraped from all online conversations and flowed into the design.

Concept Art




Anomaly London, Executive Creative Director.

An E-commerce clickable music video for the Artist Josep and the song 100 Lovers, featuring 100 people. Creative Review Best in Book.

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